Night Navigation

Sail at night using standard navigation techniques as well as Radar and AIS.

4 days
Price per day:
€595 per person

This 4-day course is geared towards sailors on the intermediate level and is organised by our training centre as an addition to our MOSS courses.

The course has the following learning objectives:

After this 4 day course, you will have gained valuable experience as a navigator and skipper/watch leader, and have collected the required ‘night’ miles for a future certification on Advanced Sailor or Master of Yachts level. It is an important ‘tick in the box’ of your skill set for those interested to participate in long passages (mile builders) or when you consider joining yacht delivery trips The course will take place along the coast of the Netherlands, mainly on tidal waters. Departure point is Medemblik. The minimum number of participants is 3, the maximum is 4.

Below is an example of the program, however the exact sailing area and final program will depend on the weather conditions and your individual needs. Adverse weather may result in rescheduling of the course.


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