We are currently updating our Power Boat courses.
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What are the starting and finishing times?
The course will start at 10.00am and finishes at 17.00pm.
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What clothing should I bring?
Normal casual wear is sufficient, however as you could get slightly wet we advise you not to wear jeans as they take long to dry. During the launch and recovery of the boat you will have to stand knee high in the water and we recommend to bring a spare set of socks and shoes. Other items: towel, hat, sunglasses, warm jumper.
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Does MOSS supply waterproof clothing?
Yes, we supply a waterproof jacket and trousers free of charge.
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Do I need to bring a life jacket?
You can bring your own if you wish but we have suitable life jackets available for all candidates.
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Is lunch included?
Yes, morning tea/coffee and sandwich lunch is included.
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What type of boat do you use?
The powerboat courses will take place on our Zodiac Pro 650 RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) with 80HP outboard engine and a maximum speed of 40 knots (approx 70 kilometers).
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How many candidates will be on a course?
On the powerboat courses and ICC test there will be a maximum of 3 candidates and one instructor.
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Are the courses purely practical?
Although the powerboat course is a hands-on practical course, there is a small amount of theory involved.
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What course publications do you supply?
All candidates will receive the official RYA Powerboat publication which is included in the price.
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Will I receive a certificate after course completion?
Yes, all successful candidates will receive the official RYA Powerboat photo certificate at the end of the course so please make sure you bring a passport size photograph.
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Are there parking facilities nearby?
Yes, all candidates can park their car free of charge at our secure office car park.

Certificate of Competence

To drive a powerboat, jet ski or waterscooter in the Netherlands and most European countries, you will need a licence. Our courses provide the skills and background knowledge needed to drive a powerboat or Personal Watercraft and is the basis of the International Certificate of Competence.

Who is it for?

The powerboat courses are primarily for those using open powered craft such as RIBs and sportsboats, and also for the professional open boat skipper who is required to prove their competence or provide certification for work.

The course

During the course we will focus on low speed close quarters handling, man overboard recovery, an introduction to driving at planing speed. You will also learn the basics of the Rules and Regulations and navigation on high speed.

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