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North Sea Triangle







The North Sea triangle is a challenging rally which takes place on the northern part of the North Sea. The rally starts in Den Helder with the first destination the Shetland or Orkney Island in Scotland. After a short break we will cross the North Sea and set course towards Flekkefjord in Norway.

The third leg back to Holland will complete the full triangle.

Lighthouse keeper and architect Reid de Jong organised this rally for the first time in 1977 in which only 7 small yachts took part. Since then over 50 yacht take part in this 2 yearly held rally.

The “Triangle” is very demanding for the yacht and its crew as the North Sea can be turbulent, however, sailing on the northerly latitude means short darkness, lots of seals, dolphins and even whales have been spotted regularly.

The total distance is approximately 1100 nautical miles and it is the perfect trip for anyone who would like to build some miles and gain experience in all fields of true offshore sailing.

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